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Foreign online stores have become closer to buyers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have recently created a customs union and adopted new customs rules for individuals. In accordance with the new rules a buyer does not have to pay any import customs duty, if the amount of online purchases imported from third counties not exceed EUR 1,000 within one month. Recent liberalisation of the customs rules has opened the doors of foreign online stores for purchasers from these three countries.

We search for the best prices, sales and discounts from all over the world

Our site is more than just a shopping tool. We have searched many online stores across the globe in order to select top retailers, which ship products to Russia and certain neighbouring countries. We have compared the prices on various markets from various retailers in order to offer you the best bargains. We placed a lot of useful information on our website and translated the descriptions of each product into Russian to make global online shopping a pleasure. Please visit a few our web pages and you will see that we have spent a lot of time to save your time and your money.

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Our Mission, our Vision, our Success

Our mission is to help buyers from Russia and neighbouring countries to enjoy the benefits of global online shopping. In addition, we help retailers to expand their sales to the local markets. Our vision for the future is to be the first and best gateway to global online shopping for Russian buyers. Our success is built on mutual trust, integrity, quality service and benefit for all retailers and buyers.


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